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Paris Amelia
Paris Amelia
June 3, 2021.
The ladies at quest slimming & beauty were amazing and accommodating. Beautiful and clean clinic. Highly recommend!
Chris Lee
Chris Lee
May 19, 2021.
Had 2 sessions of cryolipolysis at Quest done 3 months apart. Results noted after the first session. Positive that the second session will trim a bit more. Prices are very affordable. The cooler months are the best period to have this treatment done as you may have bruises on the treated areas for up to a week.
Lori Gove
Lori Gove
May 11, 2021.
Having read some of the previous poor rating reviews I felt the need to write one of my own. I’ve had my second session of the fat freezing and I’m not sure what all the negative complaints are about. Given that I have a low pain threshold I have not found this treatment in the slightest bit painful. First session felt a bit uncomfortable at first as it’s something totally to the body, but it soon got used to the feeling. I have lost an inch round my waist and inner thigh after first go and looking forward to hopefully losing more. Not to mention the friendly and helpful staff. I’m booked in for the sculpt next, will keep you posted on those results.
Fahima J
Fahima J
April 17, 2021.
I am so glad I contacted these lovely ladies after two years to see them again last week to make an appointment for a treatment that I had today they are nice lovely and professional I have always had a good experience and I would Highly recommend it also price wise absolutely unbeatable in Perth ! Fahima
February 16, 2021.
Highly recommend Quest slimming for anybody wanting to try cryolipolysis to reshape and reduce fat in stubborn areas. I've had amazing results from just one treatment (losing 7cms total from areas I had treated) and am excited to see results after having my second treatment today. The ladies at Quest are professional, very knowledgeable and accommodating. This is a great treatment for people living a healthy lifestyle already, that want to enhance and improve their figure with a non-invasive treatment that actually works!
Vicki Anderson
Vicki Anderson
September 10, 2020.
The ladies at Quest Slimming & Beauty are professional and lovely. I have been going to Quest for months now and I can see the results! Definitely works (in conjunction with a good diet, of course) and has been a game changer for my stubborn muffin top!
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“I am loving my new lifted booty.I have gone from pan flat to more feminine and lifted after only 4 sessions. Skinny jeans here I come! Thankyou ladies. I am beyond thrilled”

Angela D

“I have been frequenting Quest Slimming & Beauty for years now. I can’t recommend them highly enough. I have several issues with my body, not being able to exercise to due hip and shoulder issues. Esculpt combined with fat freezing have totally transformed my body. I am down two pant sizes and look and feel amazing. I am constantly complimented on my new shape and have Quest Slimming & Beauty to thank for this”.

Susan H

“Carrying three children did a number on my belly.After only 4 sessions of Esculpt I now have more definition and ama lot flatter. My core strength has improved out of sight which has helped my lower back issues dramatically.Not only doI look better, I feel better. It’s a win win!”

Sandra M

I just had to share this with you. I just did an intense core workout and my new strength from Esculpt has left me speechless! Not one issue with my lower back through the whole 30 minute workout!! Cant wait to see what kind of muscles I have after the final session.”

Isabelle H

Being a regular at Quest Slimming & Beauty it was recommended I try Esculpt after great success with fat freezing as I had a trip to Broome in two weeks. I was panicking as I knew the bikini had to come out but I was feeling very untoned. I treated my butt and belly and I can honestly say, after my final session I was bikini ready…. in only two weeks!!I have abs and a pert lifted butt. My cellulite has even improved.Give it a try. You won’t regret it!

Nadine B

I had my second lot of fat freezing treatments today at Quest and I am so pleased with the results. To date the treatments have lived up to my expectations with regards to fat reduction in my problem spots. This treatment really lives up to its reputation and I can’t wait to see how much more I can lose with further treatments. Tanya is a fantastic and an incredibly friendly and professional operator. Highly recommend Quest for anyone looking to reshape their bodies.

Natalie S

I have a large tummy which I hate. It doesn’t matter how much I diet and exercise I can never get rid of it. I have had one treatment of fat freezing at Quest and can already see and feel a difference. I am so pleased. Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Liz T

I have always had a big derriere! Every time I diet and exercise the weight would first go from my face, then my arms, tummy etc. I have been plagued with a heavy lower body since my teen years. I had read a lot about cryolipolysis and decided to take a chance. I decided to visit Tanya at Quest. She explained to me how the whole process worked and I felt very comfortable in her hands. So glad I “bit the bullet”. I have now lost half an inch of fat!I am over the moon.Thank you for making this so affordable!

Your monthly specials have saved me loads of money. You make the unaffordable, affordable!

Kaye L

Friendly staff wonderful service and value for money with excellent results.
Highly recommend.

Kylie Ingham

I am thrilled to bits with my shape. I keep looking in the mirror. Tanya and the other ladies are really lovely too. I first got fat freezing from Groupon for a fraction of the price and boy what a great deal it was. Considering I was gonna get charged up to $6000 in Joondalup these treatments at Quest are so much more affordable. I had so much stubborn fat that I couldn’t shift through exercise but it’s suddenly just starting to just drop of me. I didn’t notice after the first session but now it’s amazing. I’m now considering Esculpt to tighten those muscles. Thank you so much ladies. Xxx